Rural Carrier Note Cards

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We finally got these handy cards on our web site!
Now you can easily just check a box if you have something to tell your customers.
We have sold these at Conventions for many years and every year we are asked when are we going to have them so they can be re-ordered during the year. Well...Here they are at only $3.00 for a pack of 100 (That's only 3 cent each!).
You can literally save hours a month by not taking time to write your
customers notes on these "pre-written" sheets.


    25 Reviews

  • Posted by Nancy Rodenbeck on 24th Mar 2022


    A Note from your Mail Carrier

    These are great! It's the 2nd time I have purchased them. From PJs These cost you 3 cents each. I hope this saves you a lot of time rather than writing out notes all along. Thanks for the order.

  • Posted by Jennifer Kennedy on 18th Apr 2021


    love these

    instead of writing out notes to some boxes these are great!

  • Posted by Allison on 10th Nov 2019


    Great info cards for customers!

    They say it all & easy to understand.

  • Posted by Unknown on 1st Jul 2019


    note cards

    Nice large print, and helpful for customers

  • Posted by Pam on 28th Jun 2019


    very helpful product!

    I really liked the idea of these cards because situations come up all the time. When I received them, I liked the size and the looks of them. The only suggestion would be to make them available to tear off a pad either by gummed edges or perforation. I've already used them and like them From PJ's We thought about that, but the cost to get this done is almost triple the price you would have to pay for them. $3 versus $9. Small rubber band to hold them together should help out.

  • Posted by Judy D Boroughs on 20th Jan 2019


    Not what I was expecting

    First, let me say I love the context of the note cards. They cover most of what's needed when conveying a message to customers out there on the route. BUT, the product description said "pre-written note PAD". I was expecting 100 sheets of printed paper held together with a gum strip across the top. Now I've got to figure out how to keep them from going all over the place and also how to keep them from getting wrinkled and looking like they were dug out of the trash. I should've read the reviews before buying. (I personally would rather pay $6 and have them in a pad than $3 and not.) From PJ's : Have you tried holding them together with a rubber band? That's what everyone else does that I know. Also a thin coat of super glue across the top works well.

  • Posted by on 28th Dec 2018



    I use them to let customers know when’re I’ve left a package at their home. Many houses have garages now and residents don’t normally use the front door.

  • Posted by Sharon E O'Grady on 7th Oct 2018


    Communicate with your customers!

    Handy! This little note has it all!

  • Posted by Misty E Vodicka on 31st Jul 2018


    use often

    These are great for letting a customer know NOT to write on the mail. More professional looking rather than leaving a post-it note.