About Us


Dear Rural Letter Carrier,

In 1969, I began hand painting signs for small businesses and people around my area. As the industry progressed, hand-painted signs became almost extinct. I continued to hand paint signs, just as I became involved in the newer technology in sign making. At the present, computer graphics along with screen printing techniques have revolutionized the sign industry.

In 1979, I began to target my sign business towards Rural Letter Carriers, as I knew several Rural Letter Carrier friends that needed safety signs for their vehicles. Rural Letter Carriers can be in very dangerous situations on the country's highways. When our business first started, we only had a U.S. MAIL and a FREQUENT STOPS magnetic signs. Today we carry over 20 different magnets, along with over 50 colors of Embroidered T-Shirts. A much smaller selection of Printed T-Shirts, Pocket T's, Long Sleeve T-Shirts, Sweat Shirts, Golf Shirts, Denim Shirts, Scrubs, Ladies Sleeveless Henley's, Ladies Collared (Polo Type) Sleeveless. Other items we also offer include Package Markers, Embroidered Caps, Visors, Toboggans, Wide Bundle Straps, Money Bags, ID Badge Holders, Aprons, Brief Cases, Tote Bags, Door Protectors, Mail Hawks, Car Top Signs, Strobe Lights, and just about anything else a Rural Carrier may need to perform his/her Rural Carrier duties. We have been attending Local, State, District, Area Conference and National Conventions since the early 80's. I believe you will find our prices to be very, very, reasonable and high quality. We only ship USPS Priority Mail.

Phil and Jenny Burgess
(866) 29-SIGN-1 That's (866) 297-4461

PJ's Signs
360 Tiger Paw Lane
Westminster, SC 29693