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This is our newest magnet. Designed for the "FEMAIL" carrier. This is one of our novelty signs that is really popular at Conventions. It measures about 2" x 12" and is available in 4 colors. Tomato Red, Yellow Green, Azure Blue &  Pink

    7 Reviews

  • Posted by Cynthia Penny on 24th Jul 2020


    Femail magnetic signs

    Love them!! Gave a few to other lady carries & they love them

  • Posted by Brandy Sanford on 12th May 2020


    hot pink sign

    I looked at my receipt to make sure I purchased the hot pink as well as the blue and lime green but did not receive it. Otherwise they look great on my jeep From PJ's: Get me the order #, and I will be glad to check on it for you. Thanks.

  • Posted by DaiseyMay Aldrich on 17th Feb 2020


    Love it!!!

    Will be ordering more

  • Posted by Jo Ann Tenorio on 23rd Jun 2019


    U.S. Femail

    This is the second time I've order these magnet signs.....people enjoy reading them and giggle lol.

  • Posted by Sarah Morgan on 14th Jun 2018


    Love it

    I have gotten alot of compliments on these. You have to have a clean surface and if 1 speck of dirt gets under them then the wind will remove it from your car.

  • Posted by Evelyn Allen on 21st Mar 2016


    us femail

    I get so many compliments on this magnet. Just want to meet the world know women can deliver mail just as good as a man. Everyone send to think when they see the mail car it's a guy...lol, not this time! From PJ's Signs: FYI...Actually, females now make up over 70% of the Rural Carrier Craft!

  • Posted by Unknown on 12th Sep 2015


    It flew off in the wind

    The appearance of the magnet was good, however, its small size (I guess) prevented it from staying on my car. It flew off and went into the tall grass and I can't find it. Maybe a larger surface size would have prevented that from happening. From PJ's: Unfortunately, some of the newer cars are using a metal alloy that consists of steel and aluminum. And as we know, a magnet will not stick at all to aluminum. The magnet will stick on the car, but with the aluminum and metal alloy in the door panel does not give the magnet that much holding power. The older model cars were all steel panels and the magnets stuck on them like glue. If the magnets are easy to take off your vehicle, then your door would not be suitable to use these magnets.