Door Protector (White)

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This magnet is for the carrier that just wants protection for their vehicle.
It is Commercial Grade 30 mil magnetic material with a white matte vinyl surface.
It has nothing printed on it and measures approximately 12" x 24".
The magnet can easily be trimmed to fit around door handles, moulding, etc.
Always remember...All magnets must lay flat "all the way around" or you WILL lose them!

    14 Reviews

  • Posted by Kevin Ray on 14th Apr 2023


    Magnetic sign & parcel markers

    Well pleased with your products . Prompt shipping . & bonus stamp price card . ??

  • Posted by Randy Caudill on 30th Aug 2022


    It was what I ordered

    It is what I ordered and came very quickly.

  • Posted by Trisha Hammond on 26th Apr 2021


    Pretty good

    I cut the magnets to fit around my door handle, followed all instructions (wash vehicle AND magnets before applying and make sure the magnets are completely flat at all corners with no air bubbles). They have not moved since I put them on, and I’ve been on the Hwy at 80mph several times and of course on a few routes. Already been through rain storms and had no issues. Follow the directions, and they’ll stay put! Make sure magnets are completely flat when they are not on your vehicle. From PJs You did exactly what you needed to do. They will last you a long time!

  • Posted by Amanda Heinzmann on 19th Nov 2020


    Didn't stay

    Used this on my route and it ended up blowing off. Guess its not made for open country driving. From PJs Unfortunately, some of the vehicles being made now are made of an alloy consisting of aluminum and SOME metal, which magnets will not stick very well. The door protectors seem to stick to the door, but have very little holding power. My advice is to make sure when you put the magnets on that they adhere very well. It will be kinda hard to remove the magnets if the vehicle has an all metal body. We have used these on my vehicle going to Conventions driving at speeds upwards to 85 MPH. shhhhh. LOL

  • Posted by Bonnie Wagner on 15th Apr 2020


    Love it

    Great. Room to put anything else for temporary purpose. IE: need stamps, just ask

  • Posted by Zachary Sackett on 15th Nov 2019


    Just bought a second one

    Getting a second one to protect my rear door from boxes that fall open when pulling away. As long as you make sure they are adhered all the way around, these will stay on even at interstate level speeds. Has held up great! Every sign on my carrier is from PJ's and they have all held up great!

  • Posted by john bourland on 11th Nov 2019



    This is an excellent door protector. Very large. I only wish it was also a sign. From PJ's: John, You can get one that says U.S.MAIL in large letters for only $4 more! They are on the web site.

  • Posted by Roger Gibson on 1st Sep 2019


    White magnetic door saver

    Item is just what I wanted. Shipping was higher priced than item. Most likely will find other places with less shipping costs next time. From PJ's: Sorry, but I can't help what the Postal Services charges me for shipping. I just checked this order and I actually had to pay $8.76 to ship. You had only paid $8.50 shipping when you placed the order, so it cost me more to ship your package than I received from you.

  • Posted by Vickie on 30th Jun 2019


    white door protectors

    Packaging needs to be changed. Mine were rolled up with a thin rubber band around them. The band ate through cutting into the door protector making it split! Please use wider rubber bands in the future . I know with some wear they will completely split into! From PJ's: Thanks for your comment. we have not heard from any other customers on this issue. Could I offer an easy fix? with a straight edge and a razor (or scissors), just cut off the part that has a small split. You would only be losing no more than maybe an inch on the length.