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The picture shown is just showing the comparison between the USPS issued straps and the ones we sell in the two colors. RED and ROYAL. We DO NOT sell the narrow straps. 

The straps are approximately 50 inches long. Much longer than the ones provided by the Postal Service.

The $4.50 cost is for ONE strap, which is cheaper than the ones that sometimes are offered in advertisements.

After several increases from my supplier over the last 12 months, we are sorry but we have to increase our price by .50 per strap. Inflation is not an imagined subject as we are all now experiencing this. Again, we thank you for your patronage and hope this problem will soon subside.

26 Reviews

  • Posted by Christi Blackburn on 21st Aug 2022



    I’ve order the straps two different times. Really like the width and length. They hold the mail bundles tight. From PJs These are the ones I also used. None better!

  • Posted by Chris on 8th Jul 2022


    No stealing

    I’m the only one in the office with red straps. Mine are so much better than the blue ones provided to us. They are wider and longer so I can stuff more in my bundles…great product.

  • Posted by Bobby on 24th Jan 2022


    Bundle Straos

    Love the length and they hold good, keeps your bundle tight.

  • Posted by Angie Proffitt on 28th Oct 2021


    Red Wide Mail Straps

    I absolutely love my new straps. I bought some in the past and they were blue. Now I'm the only one in the office with red ones so they can't take them. Very tight nylon and hold very well. I would recommend them to anyone. From PJs Very smart to get a different color. If another carrier wants to borrow straps at times, they seem to forget their way back home. LOL

  • Posted by Unknown on 5th Jul 2021



    Work great. Fast shipping!

  • Posted by Jennie Moody on 11th Feb 2021


    Bundle straps

    I love these straps, They are so convenient and very durable!

  • Posted by Emily Aldridge on 31st Jan 2021


    Bundle strap

    Love that they are wide and long

  • Posted by Unknown on 22nd Jan 2021


    Works great, good length and width

    I think they will hold up good.

  • Posted by Jason on 29th Nov 2020


    Bundle Straps

    Lots of length to these and wider than usps provided straps...durable and sturdy...LOVE THEM 10 OUT OF 10